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RECORD trailer/tease

The short film RECORD is a story of a couple deciding to record a story that ignites their own story looping. It is a curious and meta jaunt through the fifth wall and black love. Engage and Enjoy.


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The Inbox Interviews

A Vick Flick presents "The Inbox Interviews"

Proud to say "The Inbox Interviews" has been an official selection of a number of film festivals in 2020 and 2021. Now the festival run is over and we hope you all enjoy as well!

Sabrina, a curious woman indulges in online conversations with interested suitors who want to share a more intimate experience. Let's see what's in her INBOX!

Written and Directed by Vick Lee

Starring Renata Walsh

Look What You've Done (LWYD)

LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE short film is a winner of the 2021 Strong Chance Film Festival's Founder's Choice Award, 2020 Black Truth Film festival award, and the Founder's Choice of Cane River Film Festival 2019, created for the Free Breakfast Apparel Movement and dedicated to the countless victims of 911 abuse whose stories didn't go viral. 


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