KOLD X WINDY Staff Writer!

THIS is Happening.
And I'm celebrating!!! 🥳✍🏽💛🍾🍦🥑
I'm celebrating Alot these days and shall keep celebrating days to come. LIFE ✨

I'm a writer!!! On a new TV network series y'all!! Like that is HAPPENING. 🤓
I'm blessed, grateful, and thankful!
The whole entire experience was and IS absolutely amazing. I've been blessed to be on a dope talented and soulful team of writers and producers. Congrats to All! It's been a beautiful journey and I Trust the Journey 🙏🏾

My mentors have shared an ongoing theme, "Keep creating". And so I shall.
My passion and tenacity is real. I have no plans to an end...this is only the beginning 🙌🏾

Premiering September 2022 🖥😁📺
#WeTv #Allblk

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