Independent filmmaker Vick Lee

Lights, camera, and action has always intrigued independent filmmaker, Vick Lee.  Her fascination with the camera and storytelling started at a very young age as she would facilitate productions and make videos with family and friends. The fun became a passion and a career in film entered her picture.

Vick Lee strives to punctuate real stories of real people and give innovative imagery to not just entertain, but also edify. President of A Vick Flick, Vick Lee launched the company in 2018 and produced and directed her screenplay "The Polyamorist", an official selection of the 2018 Black Harvest Film Festival.

She followed up and produced, wrote, and directed the film, "Look What You've Done", winner of the 2021 Founder's Choice of Strong Chance Film Festival, 2020 Black Truth Film festival award, and the Founder's Choice of Cane River Film Festival 2019. "Look What You've Done" addresses the virally infectious phenomenon of 911 abuse that Black Americans seem inordinately vulnerable to and promote 911 is for emergencies only.

As an alum of Columbia College Chicago, Vick Lee was fortunate to be set in a diverse community that allowed her to be exposed to many different aspects of filmmaking. In 2021, she became a cohort of the Digital Storytelling Initiative’s Production Institute, a program of the Digital Storytelling Initiative at the Logan Center for the Arts in partnership with the Community Film Workshop of Chicago. Sharpening and honing skills is very important and Vick Lee believes in always learning.

Vick Lee has held numerous and varied roles in every department.
Filmmaking allows Vick Lee to story tell and she hopes her storytelling encourages others to not be afraid to tell theirs.