Look What We Did!



Black History Month just passed and what a month.  Very busy for us all. Times are changing.

Chicago, look what You did!! We will have our 1st Black American Woman as mayor. Outstanding. The Oscars. Black women winning. Take a moment to feel that. It feels good and it is certainly encouraging. 

Here at A Vick Flick we also had some great moments this past month. "Look What You've Done" viewing and discussion event was well received. It was great to share our film and to have a room full of positive energy in synergy to positive change. 

We invite you to invite us to continue to share this film and discuss solutions and bring awareness to stop 911 abuse. Let's see what you can do and go to our Contact Us page and set it up! Our next stop is Louisana, the Cane River Film Festival! 

Thank you again cast and crew for participating and continuing to be part of this journey. Love the team! Panelists, thanks again for sharing and caring. 
Thanks again everyone for coming out...There is power in unity.



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